The South Carolina Tree Farm Certification Program

The South Carolina Tree Farm Certification Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the management and sustainability of family owned woodlands for timber, wildlife, water and recreation.

Tree Farm programs vary by state and are run by foresters, landowners, state agencies, volunteers, and other advocates committed to flourishing forestry and the protection of property rights.

Membership to the South Carolina Tree Farm program is not just for landowners, and is open to any individuals interested in maintaining family owned farms. However, in order for a tree farm to become certified, specific international & third party stipulations and standards must be acquired.


Minimum of ten acres forestland with a written Tree Farm management plan or Forest Stewardship Plan and Tree Farm Inspection.

  • Complete the SC Tree Farm Application w/ dues based on acreage.
  • Create a Tree Farm Management Plan using tools and guidance from SC Tree Farm.
  • A qualified Tree Farm Inspecting Forester will confirm that standards and requirements are being met and assist with the certification process.
  • Upon approval, receive completed certification.


There are several benefits to becoming a SC Tree Farm Program member:

Members have a voice.

Opportunities are offered in future decision making, new developments, political shifts, and industry trends. Tree farm advocacy has been instrumental in maintaining the protection of property rights, tax issues, conservation, and other statewide grassroots efforts.

Members have connections.

Access is available to a leading, well recognized organization of landowners and forestry advocates dedicated to growing the initiative and strength of forestry land management through networking and education.

Members have recognition. 
Certified tree farmers are recognized by the market which may allow for more bids and higher profits for their tree farms.

For more information on the South Carolina Tree Farm Certification Program and growing stewardship from the roots, please visit or contact Walt McPhail, National Tree Farmer of the Year 2012 and SC Tree Farm Membership Chair, 864/288-7618 or [email protected]

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